CIM and Inspire Resources Inc., with Stantec, co-sponsor, present a series of 3 live sessions, each consisting of 3-4 speakers’ presentations followed by facilitated panel answers to online questions submitted during the session. The first session (June 16) considers the trajectory of today’s mining business model; the second session (June 23) looks at the shape and economics of the project lifecycle in an ESG-focused world; and the third session (June 30) addresses novel potential business models. 
This series of sessions will enable attendees to:
  • See the mining industry and its EPC complementors from a business structural perspective, in the context of how various industries are observed to evolve over time and the pressures they experience
  • Be exposed to hard data about what mining and engineering companies are actually good at, and what capabilities may be most vulnerable to disruption by new entrants
  • Learn about the “missing pieces” in the way mining projects are evaluated, and the value that is being precluded by the conventional development project methodology
  • Discover several new innovative business models being proposed to reduce social and access-to-capital barriers to mine development

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