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Artemis Project Member Liz Freele (Sympact) interviews Scott Lowe (CEO) and Hendrik Kuit (Environmental Manager) of ArcelorMittal Liberia.

In light of the recent Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) announcement, the conversation explores how biodiversity conservation can be a competitive advantage, and dive into the company’s Biodiversity Conservation Program in the Nimba Mountains.
ABOUT ESG UNEARTHED: Mining has arguably become a dirty word. Investors are getting cold feet, external stakeholders are getting louder, the benchmark for ESG performance is being raised and it seems like every mining executive is jumping on the “net-zero-social purpose” train. The narrative of mining powering the green energy transition and supporting a high-tech future is not enough. As mines age, ore grades decline, and growth is expected in areas of environmental, social, and political risks, mining will not get easier. The industry needs to work together to respond to the mounting pressure and translate rapidly evolving ESG standards into practical, tangible and realistic operational strategies. Technologies, best practices and specialized expertise to address many of the industry’s challenges exist, and savvy mining companies are coming to use ESG performance as a differentiator.

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