Mining Organizations

Through Sponsorship Artemis Project engages with progressive Leaders seeking to
distinguish their organizations in the mining and metals industry.

Increasing creativity and innovation is a strategic goal for Executive Leadership teams. Studies show that efforts to stimulate intrapreneurship within an established organization more often than not, fall short. According to research at Harvard on innovation models in global companies across diverse sectors, breakthrough innovation projects fail between 70% and 90% of the time.
Organizations are looking for ways to accelerate breakthrough success through alternative channels. Currently, female entrepreneurs represent the fastest growing entrepreneurial segment and are the least represented in mining supply chains. This gap represents an untapped commercial opportunity as female entrepreneurs contribute significantly to the world economy; generating new jobs, advancing innovation and spurring local development.

Artemis Project sponsorship provides mining organizations with the opportunity to increase revenue sustainably with a multi-stakeholder approach and to lead the way for improved and genuine change in the mining and metals industry.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Quality Assured member participants
  • Engagement with qualified entities 
  • Continuous Improvement through professional development programming
  • Demonstrate commitment to gender responsive procurement
  • Strengthen ESG leadership 
  • Alignment with UN SDGs
  • No onus on sponsor organizations for program administration
  • Artemis Project produces activity and impact reporting
  • Branding materials and templates included
  • Attract next generation best in class talent in STEM
  • Accelerate innovation, diversity and sustainability
  • Enhance sponsor brand reputation
  • Diverse thinking for improved ROI
  • Open stream of innovation
  • A new lens to address industry challenges
  • Secure Portal
  • Online directory
  • Sponsor Concerige

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Artwork courtesy of Flow Partners, creator Shahriar Zand