Company: [pH] Gestión Transversal SpA 
Founder and CEO

Beatriz del Pilar Honorato González 

[pH] Gestión Transversal SpA – Bbac, Founder and CEO, Pilar Honorato González 

[pH] Gestión Transversal SpA is a company dedicated to commercializing the Bbac system: equipment, supplies, and consultancies for the bacteriological self-control of rural drinking water. 

We provide support to the people who live far away from big cities, and whose supply sources are different from local sanitation, with the aim that they have safe water through their community participation in the monitoring and execution of the test. 

The Bbac bacterial search, gives an early warning of a bacterial anomaly, therefore avoids the spread of water-borne diseases, allowing to take operative decisions due to the test is carried out by the users themselves trained by our technical team. 

Bbac includes an incubator, sampling bottles or experimental units, complementary materials, and training until autonomy. 

We bring applied science at the service of the community.