Clarie Hayek

Company: MSP Teambuilding
Founder and CEO

Claire Hayek

MSP Teambuilding, Founder and CEO, Claire Hayek, Eng, MBA

MSP Teambuilding – a competent team that will guide you. 

We work with companies to help them engage their employees and build a strong corporate culture through workshops inspiring collaboration, communication and well-being at the workplace. We bring you the very best workshops to develop and support your people and help your organization thrive. Whether offered in-person or virtually, our team-building programs will give your team the necessary boost and keep everyone motivated despite the day-to-day challenges of working remotely. 
Participants can join in from their home office or company locations around the world. MSP Teambuilding is ‘future-ready’ to cater to your needs. Inspire your team to go beyond self-imposed limits. Participants consistently rate our sessions high for interactivity, effectiveness, and fun.