Company: Nano Biztools

founder and CEO

Daniela Villar

Nano Biztools, founder and CEO, Daniela Villar

Nano is a company specialized in problem solving, which works through Digital Transformation, Social License and Corporate Education. For this, we use multiplatform communication tools and the construction and development of image. A process that goes through the expertise of partners who have focus on the areas of engineering, humanities, design and communication.

Within the Mining area, we work directly in the management and coordination of the environmental study teams, EIA / RIMA coordination, communication plans, brand development, community and surface relationships.

We think about digital transformation and corporate education through strategies focused on the needs of each company. Whether through internal training, realignment of processes, gamification, creation of image bank to the construction of relationships with all links in the community that will be impacted by the enterprise.

Partner Daniela Villar is a journalist specializing in corporate photography, team management, corporate portraiture and strategies for creating and managing image banks. She has an MBA in Event Management and a specialization in Business Communication. At Nano, she is responsible for planning corporate image and reputation development programs, training official sources to defend projects in public hearings, conferences or press interviews. She is also the company’s process manager, working on all links and managing the agendas and supervising the team work.

Nano is a corporate consultancy with partners Caco Idiart, Daniela Villar and Diego Boeira