Company: DevGoyal Consulting Inc.
Principal and Founder

Devyani Goyal

DevGoyal Consulting Inc., Principal and Founder, Devyani Goyal

DevGoyal Consulting Inc. is a Change Management and Adoption Consultancy specializing in large scale digital transformations. The Principle & Founder, Devyani Goyal, has extensive experience working with clients across multiple industries, including Financial Services and Metals & Mining, to create and implement strategies that maximize awareness, understanding, and adoption of new concepts and initiatives. 

Areas of Expertise Include:  

  • Corporate Communications & Engagement 
  • Stakeholder Management 
  • Leadership Alignment 
  • Organizational Effectiveness 
  • Role-based Learning 
  • Current State Assessment 
  • Process Mapping 
  • Workshop Facilitation 
  • Agile Tools & Methodologies