Company: Purple Compass
Founder and COO

Donna Dupont

Purple Compass, Founder and COO, Donna Dupont, BHA, MDes 2019 

Purple Compass helps organizations navigate complexity and uncertainty, anticipate future changes, and create innovative solutions. We recognize the evolving risk, pace of change and growing pressures faced by organizations and local communities. Our focus is disaster risk management and sustainability. We serve both public and private sector organizations in emergency management, healthcare, critical infrastructure and mining. 

We use strategic foresight, design methods and tools proven to drive outcomes for our clients. We have a combined experience of over 25 years providing strategic foresight, planning and program design services. 

Our Emergency Management Futures Lab offer services that support strategies for adaptation and resilience. Our lab integrates active learning and foresight activities into emergency management planning to anticipate emerging risk, and gain a strategic advantage in future operational environments. 

Purple Compass helps the mining and metals industry reduce risk, identify adaptive strategies to strengthen emergency preparedness and planning, enhance coping capacity and support community well-being.