Ecoreg Solutions is an environmental consulting firm specializing in water quality, aquatic and fisheries resources. With a progressive vision, the company advances the status quo through innovation and research. Our work culture is committed to equality, diversity, and integrity.

Whether through assessment, monitoring, or approvals, we work to assure that our clients achieve regulatory compliance in many industrial sectors, including mining, pulp and paper, waterpower, development, municipal waste, and nuclear.

From baseline and operations through to closure, we engage with government and stakeholders on our client’s behalf.

Associations and industry advocacy (> 15 years):

Mining Association of Canada, Env and Science Committee

Ontario Mining Association, Environment Committee

PDAC, CIM, WIM Toronto and Winnipeg


Good water stewardship guides our approach to every project, integrating greater client needs and water related challenges.

We understand that avoidance and mitigation of aquatic impacts requires sound project planning that integrates knowledge of operations, water resources, and treatment between site water users, engineers, and environmental scientists. We are experienced scientists that foster communication with our clients, site engineers, regulators, and officials. Ecoreg ensures senior management and guidance on all our projects, while investing in young talent through training and project management opportunities.




Founded: October 2016 by Helga Sonnenberg, B.Sc., M.Sc., Graduate Diploma Ecotoxicology (Montreal, PQ)

Employees: 7 full time and 3 part time

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish (spoken)

Offices: Guelph, Ontario (HQ) and Winnipeg, Manitoba

Clients: Mining, pulp and paper, waterpower, municipal waste, forestry products.

Applied R&D: Mining and environmental research with UofT Lassonde Institute of Mining, University of Guelph and Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, International Institute for Sustainable Development and the Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA).


Environmental Permitting and Regulatory Compliance.
• Environmental Assessment.
• Water Quality and Modeling.
• Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Biomonitoring, EEMs.
• Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment.
• Site Closure and Reclamation.


Our team responds quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs. We have a unique ability to integrate on and off-site water resources issues, which allows us to more fully understand downstream outcomes that can affect water access, quality, and quantity. We have an excellent relationship with regulators and our approach ensures that permitting and compliance needs are met.

Ecoreg brings decades of senior management experience and a network of specialists that will benefit your EDI goals and commitments!

Potential Opportunities with Sponsor Companies

with your team as specialists in water and fisheries resource issues and related permits and approvals.
• Participating in baseline, operational or closure projects from prefeasibility to detailed design.
• Conducting research or pilot studies to meet company objectives.
• Third party review.
• Training in environmental field sampling methods.