Erica Lee

Company: Erica Lee Consulting
Founder and CEO

Erica Lee Garcia


Erica Lee Consulting, CEO and Founder, Erica Lee Garcia , PEng.

Erica Lee Consulting was founded in 2011 to help companies everywhere work faster, safer, cleaner, better.


Erica Lee Garcia, P.Eng., a Professional engineer whose career has spanned manufacturing, mining, non-profit management and consulting industries. The common thread has been a focus on problem solving. Simply put: making things better. Erica is a Black Belt in Six Sigma, certified in Lean, and experienced in teaching and applying dozens of problem-solving tools. She has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars through her own improvement projects, and coached others to complete their projects worth millions of dollars. Improvement through Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen have a positive impact on the business AND on its employees. This is because successfully solving problems one at a time for a while changes the culture of the company. Everyone stops blaming and complaining, and looks for opportunities to improve. Erica helps her clients lower costs, improve quality with less waste, and achieve much better results!