Ginna Pappano

Company:MarketIntel Works
Founder and CEO

Gina Pappano

MarketIntelWorks, Founder and CEO, Gina Pappano

MarketIntelWorks Inc. is a data research and analytics firm with a focus on gender diversity on boards and on executive management teams of Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) listed companies. We have been following the initiatives undertaken in Canada and around the world to increase the representation of Women on Boards and on Executive Management Teams with interest, recognizing that the information to initiate real change was missing and created On The Board to fill the gap.

Where are the Women? Who are the Women? Which companies and sectors are leaders? Which companies and sectors are laggards? On The Board tracks all companies on TSX and their executive management teams and board members by gender, sector, board tenure, index membership, size of company, region, listing date, type of listing, plus more. With well over 10,000 entries, the On The Board database is one of the most comprehensive databases for this type of information in Canada.