Ielca Torek

Company: Minerva Solutions Inc.
Founder and CEO

Ielca Torok

Minerva Solutions Inc. , Founder and CEO: Ielca Torok, M.Sc. (A) – Mineral Exploration, CSR-P

Minerva Solutions provides sustainability services to junior and mid-tier miners, suppliers and service providers. If you are confused about disclosures, reporting, ratings, ESG, GRI, SASB, TSM, CDP, TCFD, supply-chain management etc., we can help you. We simplify a complex field to fit the needs of each client. 

 Services include Awareness & training; Materiality assessments; Data collection and metrics; Setting objectives, creating action plans & follow-up; Management Systems; Reports. 

 With over 30 years of international experience in the mineral exploration and mining industry, both as client and supplier, Minerva Solutions consultants understand the realities of the industry. We will help you define and attain your sustainability goals.