Company: SafetyDocs Global | Brazil

Ingrid T. Polini,


Company: SafetyDocs Global | Brazil

Sanrlei Polini

SafetyDocs Global and SafetyDocs Brazil, CEO, Ingrid Polini, MA | FCO, Sanrlei Polini

SafetyDocs Global is a software (SaaS) software that helps companies manage permits, other business-related expiring documents (construction licences, governmental licences). Our software can also help manage projects efficiently to avoid fines and low productivity due to not having the right permits to operate and improve results connecting many departments to access these documents in the cloud easily. 

 Document management is an unseen issue for most companies as there is a greater demand for administering large quantities of files. When the documentation becomes digital and accessible on multiple platforms, it could lead to expired permits, fines and low productivity.  SafetyDocs Global is a software as a service company for organizations to help solve this problem. The fundamental value proposition is SafetyDocs Global systematic approach to managing and monitoring documents in all steps.