Jennifer Sloat

Company: Mine IQ
Founder and CEO

Jennifer Sloat

Mine IQ, Founder and CEO, Jennifer Sloat

Mines procure from hundreds of different vendors who deliver critical data through smart proprietary instruments, machines, sensors, and equipment. The problem is, no mine wants to log into numerous systems to figure out what it all means manually.

MineIQ sits atop all available real-time data streams to aggregate, centralize, cull, and curate the right data presenting it to the right people at the right time. MineIQ is an advanced monitoring, control, and automation platform producing insights, productivity, efficiency, and safety.


At its core, MineIQ, is a software suite focused on converging data from all the available sensors, technologies and inventions surfacing from the internet of mines (IoM). We aggregate the data, cull and curate it. We present it in usable ways and we have moved into extending the capabilities of the data by making otherwise desperate or siloed systems work together.