Jennifer Sloat

Company: Mine IQ
Founder and CEO

Jennifer Sloat

Mine IQ, Founder and CEO, Jennifer Sloat

MineiQ Inc.

Central control room monitoring, dispatch, and in-shift (short interval) control have never been more achievable for small to medium UG mines with MineiQ and the digital transformation crew.  

Provide resources, both above and below, with their shift level tasks, location tracking, telemetries, text messaging, radio, VOIP services, threshold alerts and notifications, all available via our software platform and mobile app suite (beta).

MineIQ aggregates, culls, curates, and visualizes available data surfacing from your Internet of Mines. Bridge the gap between equipment, instruments, sensors, and hardware.  Deliver measurable value based on specific bottlenecks inside the sandbox.  Plan, Do, Check, Act, (rinse, repeat) with digitized interoperability and continuous R&D projects.

Our agile team is dedicated to significantly improving safety and supporting UN SDGs with holistic digital solutions.   Confidently plan ahead with a yearly PaaS Subscription fee that includes licensing with all remote training, support, and continuous innovation.  Three packages to choose from.  

Extend your data and extend your team with MineiQ and the digital transformation crew.