Júnia Rocha

Company: LER Mining Engineering Consultancy 

Founder and CTO

Júnia Rocha

LER Mining Engineering Consultancy-MEFounder and CTO, Júnia Rocha, DSc 

Geologygeometallurgy, mine planning, mining operationssampling, mineral resources and ore reserves evaluations, QAQC, research for innovation 

LER consultancy was created specially to serve with excellence mining companies in their demands and challenges that require deep knowledge in geology, mining planning and operations, ore dressing and mining projects.

 Among our expertise stands out research and mineral prospecting, sampling, resources and reserves evaluation,  mineral and technological characterization of ores with the focus on their processing behavior, geometallurgical modeling of deposits, waste piles and tailings dams; open pit mining planning, ore transporting equipment scaling, tradeoff between different mining transport systems (i.e., totally truckless or involving trucks of different scales), decommissioning of tailings dams and mine closure plans.

Our work is guided by criteria of business sustainability, innovation, cost reduction and minimization of environmental impacts. Therefore, we offer solutions that lead to the maximization of resources, waste and tailings reduction, process optimization, higher productivity and higher production levels with adjusted costs.​​

We have a team that has over 30 years of experience working in the mining and steel market, always aligned with the best practices.