Karen Chovan01

Company: Enviro Integration Strategies Inc.
Founder and CEO

Karen Chovan

Enviro Integration Strategies Inc., Founder, and CEO, Karen Chovan, PEng

In mining, one of our greatest risks and liabilities, a primary contributor to environmental damage, and the majority of materials that we handle, are those that we call mine wastes. EIS is sparking a mine waste revolution, focused on facilitating rapid change to reduce waste management risks, to create value through enabling collaboration and symbiotic partnerships, and to increase the resilience of responsible mining organizations. EIS can help mining companies to:

  • Understand and evaluate the relative risks of their waste portfolio, to support decision-making and prioritization of effort and spend on improvements,
  • Engage and activate internal teams, by breaking down silos and facilitating collaboration, to identify, plan and advance performance improvement opportunities,
  • Assess the potential for value-add products within current or future “wastes”, as well as facilitate potential partnerships in alignment with reducing waste volumes and the circular economy,
  • Discover system-based improvement opportunities, and avoid major lifecycle development and operational risks, associated with potential social and environmental impacts, and
  • Ease the change adoption cycle for sustainability integration into future and existing operations.