Kari Lentowicz

Company: Diamonds in the Rough ( DITR)
Founder and CEO

Kari Lentowicz

Diamonds in the Rough ( DITR), Founder, Kari Lentowicz, BSc, M.A. Disaster and Emergency Management, EP, PMP

Diamonds in the Rough Emergency Rescue Organization (DITR). We are a non- profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness around diversity and inclusion with a focus on emergency response and mine rescue.

Diamonds in the Rough promotes diversity and inclusion in mine rescue and emergency response. Diamonds in the Rough educates and engages women in high profile international competitions to improve skills, increase visibility and advance opportunities for women in mine rescue. To further the next generation of mine rescue workers, Diamonds in the Rough continues to educate youth and the general public on this area.

Keri is co-founder, coach and managing director of the non-profit Diamonds in the Rough. They coordinate the development and approval of a non-profit organization The organization selects, builds and trains an all-female mine rescue team to participate in international events such as the 2018 International Mines Rescue Competition that placed 15th out of 25 teams comprised of men;

Kari Lentowicz, BSc, M.A. Disaster and Emergency Management, EP, PMP
K. Lentowicz Emergency Management and Quality Consulting

Kari Lentowicz hails from Denare Beach in Northern Saskatchewan. Kari has been working in the mining industry for 20 years in a multitude of capacities. With an undergrad in Environmental Toxicology, Kari integrated her passion for sustainability into the mining industry through program development, day-to-day operational management, supervision of program implementation, auditing and assessments of environmental management and quality improvement programs, and operational culture change. From there, she moved toward the business case development of sustainability initiatives withing the mining operations that
included full life-cycle analysis. Her motivation for efficiency in these areas also let her to obtain a Master’s Certificate in Project Management followed by her designation as a Project Management Professional and a designation as an Environmental Professional.
In the mining industry, Kari found a passion for emergency management and safety systems. She developed her skills in mine rescue and became the first female mine rescue instructor in the province of Saskatchewan. She further developed her passion in this area by obtaining a Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management. This led to the development of a non-profit which she currently manages in all aspects.
Kari’s involvement in the mining industry has also involved integration of operational improvements with lean systems including 5S. She has extensive experience in safety investigations, audits, assessments, adult education and training, integration of culture change, disaster and emergency management planning, regulatory compliance, as well as team building.
A Jill of All Trades, Kari seeks to improve the mining industry through well-organized projects with excellent results that incorporate sustainability and practicality. 
She has a well-rounded background that would serve to benefit any organization.