Laura Zizzo

Company: Mantle314 Inc.
Founder and CEO

Laura Zizzo

Mantle314 Inc. (Mantle), Founder and CEO Laura Zizzo, BES, JD

Mantle is a boutique consulting firm with over 60 years of combined experience in climate change-related work. Our mission is to shine light on climate related risk and opportunity and advance strategies to thrive. Our unique approach stems from our team’s hands-on experience with a wide range of industries, including finance and construction, on climate solutions.

We develop future-focused solutions aligned with business and strategy goals including staff and board climate education, climate-related policy research, guided facilitation of climate strategy and intelligence gathering, and climate policy development and implementation.

We are leaders in the development of climate-related strategy and disclosure, providing expertise in the development of reporting aligned with the Task Force on Climate- related Financial Disclosure. We assist clients in bring climate to the core of their business and supporting them as they respond to stakeholder and investor concerns on climate-related issues. We work with leading tools and systems to accomplish this, including both climate governance/disclosure frameworks like the Task Force for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and construction and operational green building tools like LEED and zero carbon building standards.