Let’s celebrate International Day of Women in Mining (IDWIM) 2023!

On June 15th, join us on this exciting panel with our members Belinda Clemmensen, founder of Women's Leadership Intensive; Donna Dupont, founder of Purple Compass; Susan Eick, CEO of Refinery, and Lisa Annabel Ellis, founder & board member of ESG Advisory.

We are excited to share our next Artemis Talks, a monthly online presentation and Q&A session open for our members and community from our women entrepreneurs ahead of the curve.
Our guest today, May 15th, is Francine Póvoa, CEO and founder of Legacy4Business, who will talk about The pillars of Conscious Capitalism and the ESG agenda.
Francine and her team of Legacy4Business advise companies to advance ESG issues in a consistent, genuine, and efficient way, aligning ESG strategy, management practices and stakeholders’ communication to the organization’s higher purpose, starting with a review of its culture and values and leadership development.
Inspired by stakeholder capitalism and the major demands of society reflected in the SDGs, the company framework brings together concepts of strategy, sustainability, organizational culture, change management and leadership to help companies harmonize financial results and have a positive impact on society.

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