Lorelei Ratushniak

Company: EOD Consulting
Founder and CEO

Lorelei Ratushniak 

EOD Consulting, Founder and CEO, Lorelei Ratushniak

EOD Consulting is a Growth and Innovation Consultancy focused on identifying global strategic partnerships and new market creation potential while managing implementation.

We believe to be a truly leading edge organization is to increase the creative capacity to fundamentally conceptualize new market creation opportunities and grow through strategic partnerships that can ultimately generate new economic systems.

Through our collaborative approach we open up new opportunities for companies to diversify their customer base, solve industry challenges with greater efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth with new innovative solutions.

EOD provides market creation potential assessments, growth and innovation frameworks, engagement models, marketing and positioning strategy, and client acquisition strategy to help scale internationally, increase market share, penetrate a targeted market, and to sustain continuous improvement and innovation.

We implement by; leveraging industry relationships, having a global perspective on future industry challenges, and identifying new verticals and ecosystems for product/ service implementation.