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Company: Indimin, Co

Loreto Acevedo

Indimin, Co – Founder, Loreto Acevedo, Civil Engineer, MsC,

Loreto has dedicated her lifetime s work to implementing innovation projects thatsubstantially improve the conditions of people in the  mining  industry.  In  addition, she  has  advised  large companies   by   supporting   their   innovation   and digitization strategy development. She specializes in the following: Innovation Project Leadership, Innovation Strategy Implementation,

Innovation Project Portfolio, Generating Innovation Capacities, and Culture promotion, Process and Tools Systematization, among others.

Indimin developed Smart Mining Coach, a digital personal trainer designed tounlock your team s productive potential, assets and processes. By using big data and developing analytics models combined with expert mining knowledge, Smart Mining Coach allows General and Shift Managers to predict productivity gaps,  allowing them to make better and more informed decisions by providing personalized feedback of their teams to accelerate  learning  and  improvement  actions,  leading to mining process efficiency breakthrough.