Maja Petrovska01

Company: TTWS Inc.
Founder and CEO

Maja Petrovska

TTWS Inc., Founder and CEO,  Maja Petrovska, technical writer and certified translator

TTWS is a small technical communication business, focusing particularly on content development for engineering (mining), IT and banking. From building knowledge bases to delivering content through both traditional methods and interactive technologies of the Web, we create business value that empowers our clients and helps them grow for years to come. Our focus is on high-value technical content such as project documentation for mining projectsproposals, hardware and software knowledge bases, user-focused documentation, and training content. 

Nonconventional and open-minded, our success rests on bridging the barriers of communication in technology-intensive environments and flattening the learning curve for many satisfied returning clients. Extracting and delivering clear, relevant, accurate, and flexible content from complex settings by using modern and dynamic interfaces ensures our clients continuously build structured knowledge rather than just information.