Company: Turno A
General Manager

Marcela Loyola 

Turno A, Founder Partners: Harim Arellano, Patricia Arancibia, Diosa Hidalgo and Marcela Loyola 

As a women’s team representing diversity, we seek to enhance the acceptance and assessment of differences through training, integration, and communication. 

We are women in mining who through our multidisciplinary background prepare and train people to perform safely in operation, in high-risk industries, and in work. 

We have developed a management model based on our operational experience, which we call The Meeting. This model applies standards to develop safe behaviors, trigger intervention were necessary to optimize human reliability.

The Meeting moves into broad attitudinal active room meetings, workshops, worktables, coaching, in-room, and open field simulations, training, retraining, and on-site evaluations. Applying continual feedback from its actors with the support of communication plans.