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Marie-Hélène Turgeon

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TurgeonConsult focuses on accompanying companies in their journey towards implementation of  Tailings Management Governance Systems.  

“Beyond the Dam” is what I often say. A non engineering approach to tailings management  Most companies hire engineering firms to assess their facilities but do you have the right structure to implement their recommendations? Do your people understand their roles and responsibilities? Do they have the necessary skills and knowledge? Do you have sufficient resources to manage all aspects of your facility? What is your corporate tailings policy?  

Marie-Helene brings a practical approach based on 10 years of applied operational experience to managing tailings facilities. I will work with your corporate and operations teams to guide and support in the process of upgrading your company’s practices. Whether you are targeting full compliance to current standards like TSM, ICMM and GST or prefer starting with smaller steps I offer a customized approach that fits your needs.  

Services : Training & Awareness, Coaching, Organizational Resources Assessment, Gap Analysis, Policy development, Program Roll Out, Action plan mapping.