Company: Consultora COACH-MENT SpA 

Maritza Henriquez

Consultora COACH-MENT SpA, Maritza Henriquez Vargas, Co-founder

COACH-MENT SpA is a consultancy with experience in the areas of Coaching, Mentoring, Mentoring Training, Security 2.0, Resilient Work Promotion, Audits, Environmental Compliance, Waste Management and Habits Development.  

Thanks to a highly qualified professional team, it faces the challenges posed by our customers, making new lines of work visible, getting the desired changes, offering an experience for leaders, and helping in making better decisions and choices, establishing objectives and priorities that enable the development of organizations, through new innovative, flexible, and inclusive paradigms. 

We promote professional development, generating the changes expected by the organization, discovering in the leaders their communication styles, decisions, and priorities. 

We guarantee the expansion of the analytical capabilities of the command line, we enhance the work in Collaborative Networks to meet the interests of the business. Thanks to the coaching & mentoring technique we deliver a personalized service which accelerates and gives meaning to learning. 

We adapt the operation of our clients to the environmental regulations related to Waste Management, Extended Responsibility of the Producer, and Promotion of Recycling. Providing services of Training and Consulting, Internal Management of Priority Products, Design, and Implementation of “Management Systems” and “Management Plans”. 

Delivering comprehensive solutions in circular economy, allowing optimal internal management of tires and other “priority products”, facilitating the fulfillment of contractual obligations with suppliers and compliance with current recycling regulations.