Company: Axxon Solution SpA
Founding Partner

Merima Bozinovska

Axxon Solution SpA, Merima Bozinovska, Founding Partner 

AXXON Solution provides a consulting service that gives strategic information for continuous improvement and identifies optimization opportunities in mining camp processes. Through evaluation and diagnosis of camp management processes and their services, it provides operational and financial improvement opportunities with a focus on employee welfare. 

The company bases its strategy on the analysis of contracts for food services, camp administration, grooming, asset management and maintenance, personal transportation, among others; to identify and enhance good practices, isolate deviations, develop a risk matrix with a probability of occurrence, and impact, and generate an action plan to mitigate those risks. 

In this context, operational and financial analyzes of contracts and strategic studies are carried out by applying Chilean compliance inspection, satisfaction surveys, and benchmarking. Furthermore, staff training allows better asset management and a more reliable operation of camp infrastructure by implementing systems management software that facilitates the efficient operation of remote camps and their services. 

At AXXON Solution we believe that business synergy and operational excellence lead our customers to extraordinary results.