Miranda Werstiuk

Company: OCIM
Corporate Development Director

Miranda Werstiuk

OCIM, Corporate Development Director, Miranda Werstiuk

The OCIM group was established in Paris in 1961 by the Mathiot family. As a real estate developer, its initial activity was the construction and  sale of residential properties. After three decades of growth in its core business, in the 1990s OCIM began diversifying its asset base into  financial markets and private equity investments.

The financial crisis of 2008 convinced OCIM’s principals to seek safe-haven assets for wealth protection purposes, leading OCIM to a significant  allocation of its investments into coinage precious metals such as physical gold and silver. OCIM, considering such precious metals to be  strategic assets, entered the business of trading and investing metals with a Geneva-based subsidiary and experienced strong growth and  profitability.
Miranda has extensive experience in cultivating and maintaining high-profile long-term relationships with corporate issuers (private and public  companies) and investors (high-net worth individuals, private equity, institutions and investment funds). Understanding of the key importance of  looking at the development impact on a macro-level (i.e. need for an established regulatory framework, policy implementation and/or change)  and the need for maintaining a social license to operate (i.e. socio-economic, environmental, community and population impacts) within  jurisdictions, gained through extensive review of resource opportunities globally is her unique value.
Miranda is a dynamic, driven and focused corporate finance and investment banking professional with 25 years global experience in the  resource finance sector. She is an outgoing and a vibrant individual, with exceptional interpersonal communication skills. To date, Miranda has been involved in transactions with junior, mid-tier and senior exploration, development and producing natural resources, as well as technology companies, totaling over C$165 million.