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January 2022, Issue 6

Inspired and launched by Yamana Gold and Artemis Project

Artemis Project Partnership Group

Thank you for your commitment to make space for female-owned businesses in the mining supply chain.

We are pleased to welcome our new Partners:

Thank you for joining the movement, we look forward to creating a new era in mining with you.

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Member Activities & Updates

Congratulations to Artemis Project Member Darina Štyriaková and her colleagues at ekolive! ekolive’s Heterotrophic Bacteria Bio leaching technology has been successfully verified through the European Commission’s Environmental Technology Verification Program.  This ground-breaking innovation is a new way for corporations to address industrial waste organically, reduce carbon and enable new revenue streams. 

ekolive has also been chosen by StartUs Insights as one of the top 5 Start-ups providing Bioremediation Solutions. ekolive is the first and leading provider of a new organic bioleaching method (InnoBioTech™) for the ecological release of elements and the degradation of organic contaminants. StartUs Insights provides data-driven innovation insights into technologies that advance sustainability

Mine Rescue Expert Kari Lentowicz, Artemis Project Member and Managing Director of Diamonds in the Rough lends her expertise in conversation with Axel Bahr. Axel poses questions around health and wellbeing in the mining industry.

Congratulations to Liz Gosselin, Creative Director at R&G Strategic Inc. an Artemis Project Member Company. Liz has been honoured with the Next Generation Leadership Award, a Digital Diversity Award presented by Digital Nova Scotia.

Artemis Project Member’s Elizabeth Freele and Rachel Dekker, Co-Founders of Sympact Advisory authored the article – Mining’s top ten ‘S’ trends in ESG for 2022, it was published in the Northern Miner January 19th, 2022.

Artemis Project Member Raquel Assis, Executive Director of Futurtise Drones was featured on the É de Casa globo Network. Together they explored the benefits of this revolutionary market.

Futuriste is a company focused on providing a full range of drone solutions, such as services, consulting, training, supply and maintenance.

Congratulations to Artemis Project Member Sumreen Rattan and the Co-Founders of Moment Energy for Raising $3.5 Million to give electric vehicle batteries a second life.

Congratulations to Wildie Jorge CEO of Prronto! Prronto! was one of 4 startups in a field of 200 competitors that was chosen to participate in the first edition of the EDP TransformAção Challenge.

Artemis Project Member Alicia Woods Founder and CEO of Covergalls was interviewed by Kelly Cutrara on Global News radio.  Alicia discusses her journey in mining and how it evolved into a female workwear clothing line that helps to minimize health and safety issues for women and create a more inclusive work environment.

Congratulations to Ashley Kirwan, Artemis Project Member and President & CEO of Orix Geoscience Inc. Ashley is part of the graduating class from the Institute of Corporate Directors – University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management Directors Education Program.

Artemis in the News

Artemis Project Founder and CEO Heather Gamble is featured in the Canadian Mining Magazine Winter Issue.

Artemis Project Targets Success: Women Entrepreneurs Attract Interest from Major Mining Companies

“It was about four years ago. A group of colleagues from Deloitte, Women on the Move, and Barrick
Gold began talking about whether there could be an enduring place for female-owned businesses in
mining. We wondered why their contributions seemed to have been limited to very narrow parts of the
business. Were there other skills and strengths that women could contribute? Maybe some that they
were uniquely positioned to offer? Would the sector go for it and support it? Why? Why not?

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