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Reimagining the Face of Mining

October 2021, Issue 4

Inspired and launched by Yamana Gold and Artemis Project

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Thank you for your commitment to make space for female-owned businesses in the mining supply chain.

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Belinda Clemmensen
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Turno A
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Member Activities

Throughout September and October Artemis Project members have been busy been participating in delegation meetings with our partners Alamos Gold and New Gold. The meetings have been inspiring and have sparked some interesting and engaging conversations. Our members look forward to further engagement and opportunities to work with our partner group.

Susan Lomas Founder of the Me Too Mining Association and the Digger Program are featured in the October issue of CIM Magazine.

Manifest Climate’s innovative software was shortlisted for the prestigious G20 Innovations League start-up pitch contest. CEO and Co-Founder, Laura Zizzo, presented the climate solutions platform to a slate of global VC funds, experts and corporate leaders in Sorrento, Italy on October 9 and 10.

Emily Thorn, Founder and CEO of Thorn and Associates sat on the Decarbonization Thought Leadership panel at the Canadian Mining Journal Suppliers Symposium – Reimagine Mining event hosted by The Northern Miner on October 13th.

Aymen Dewji, Managing Partner and Founder of ShiftRight and Neasa Maguire, Owner of Flip Productions presented at the WEConnect International Canada Annual Conference held October 20-21st.

Knowledge Share

Key Topics in Mining

This Month’s Topic – The Gender Gap

Closing the Gender Gap In Canadian Mining

An Interdisciplinary Mixed Methods

Gendering the Field

Towards Sustainable Livelihoods for Mining Communities

Responsible Mining Foundation

Gender Inequality Runs Deep in Mining

McKinsey and Company

Why women are leaving the mining industry and what mining companies can do about it

“Gender parity is not just good for women- it is good for societies”

- Angelica Fuentes, President, Angelica Fuentes Foundation, Mexico


 Globe Women’s Collective Event- Gender Gap: Leadership strategies for workplace parity.
October 27-28th, 2021

Just four per cent of companies on the benchmark stock index have a female CEO, according to The Globe and Mail’s investigative report called Power Gap, released in January 2021. The same report found women occupy just 13 percent of senior executive roles at Canada’s largest companies. Yet, evidence is growing that organizations with balanced leadership perform better, and are more successful at hiring and retaining talent. This webcast will bring executives and inclusion experts together to share strategies for the C-suite to close the gender gap.

Leaders in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Series Conversation with Jarvis Sam, Vice President, Global D& I at Nike Inc.
November 16th, 2021

In the ever-changing workplace, leaders with expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion are now more important than ever. Join our speaker series featuring corporate leaders in diversity, equity, and inclusion roles who will share their journeys and the insights they’ve gained while advocating for these issues in major corporations.

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