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-May 2021-

Welcome New Members:

Canadian MembersAshley Kirwan and  Michaela Kuuskman (Orix Geoscience Inc

Artemis Updates

1. Artemis Project is thrilled to announce our new procurement initiatives: Sponsor Newsletters! Each month we will be profiling 6 members by showcasing a 2 minute video about your business. Newsletters will be sent out monthly to all our sponsors with the first issue being published this June. Stay tuned for more information!

2. Delegation meetings with IAMGOLD are fast approaching! Running from June 7th-22nd, we are exciting to showcase our innovative entrepreneurs to the many departments at IAMGOLD.

3. We have officially rolled out our first procurement initiative across all members! Achilles is provided complimentary by Yamana and is available to all Artemis members! We are still collecting ongoing feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact Mary Louise (Canadian Chapter) or Raquel Boechat (Brazilian Chapter)   if you are experiencing any challenges with the platform. 

4. All Artemis related documents can be found in 'Artemis Member Services' folder in one drive. We are also in the process of transferring documents and communications onto our slack community. 

5. Artemis Project will be hosting a Sustainable Finance Event! Stay tuned invitations will be issued out soon!

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Member Past Events

MSP’s New Brochure “Beyond

Artemis Project Member, CEO of MSP Teambuilding, Claire Hayek published a new brochure. Learn more about their innovative virtual programs to rejuvenate your team and keep them inspired!

Responsible Raw Materials 2021 Annual Conference: ESG ToolBox

Artemis Project Members Rachel Dekker and Elizabeth Freele of Sympact Advisory 

spoke on May 10-14th.

Member Past Events

Artemis Project and Member Company Bee Touch are in the Brazilian news!

Ana Peuker, CEO of Bee Touch, is featured in the article published on the Metamorfose Blog!  The article speaks about their AVAX Psi platform that is able to cross data on mental health and analyzes the results using a proprietary methodology. Ana Peuker leads Bee Touch where she oversees data analysis including prediction risks with respect to mental health within Brazilian organizations.

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Raquel Molina, CEO of Futuriste Drones Interview!

Brazilian Artemis Project member, CEO at Futuriste Drones, Raquel Molina was interviewed at the Brazilian blog Whow! regarding business Innovation about her business and the use of drones

LSympact Advisory Podcast #5.  This week’s guest on mining’s brighter future podcast, Artemis Project Member Jamile Cruz (she/her)!Through a series of video and audio episodes, Sympact interviews some of the industry’s most vibrant and ambitious voices across a range of topics on mining’s role in shaping a more sustainable, socially just, and brighter future. Next up, diving into the idea of inclusive mining, exploring the current state and future opportunities of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the mining industry!

Subscribe to CEO of MSP Teambuilding, Claire Hayek youtube channel! In their latest episode, they share two effective approaches to help build social ties between colleagues despite teleworking and the intergenerational gap.

Upcoming Events

WEConnect International and Moody’s Corporation is Offering a FREE Virtual Bootcamp for Women-Owned Businesses in June 2021
  • This is an ideal opportunity for women looking to strengthen their finances in advance of seeking funding. Learn more here
MSP Teambuilding--> How to build social ties and keep colleagues connected despite working remotely: June 3, 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm EDT-- register here

Women Leading Change--> How Women Entrepreneurs are Changing the Game: June 17, 12 pm - 1:30 pm EST-- register here

Upcoming Events

"Future of mining depends on closing the trust deficit"--> learn more about the trends Deloitte identified for 2020

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