Paola Marín Salazar

Company: Selecció 

Paola Marín Salazar 

Selecció, Paola Marín Salazar, Director 

Since 2000, we have been providing human resource services in search for talent and selection of people for government agencies and companies with a presence in IV Region (Chile) and at a national level. Due to our experience for over 20 years, in 2008 the Government Civil Service certifies the quality of Specialized Consultant, as a current registration in the Register of Specialized External Consulting Companies for the preparation and execution of the competitions established in Laws N°. 18.834 and 19.882 (see further information at the register of consultants on 

Currently, we are also working with the Department of Procurement and Public Procurement (DCCP). Selecció is registered as a State supplier  

We were awarded the following public tenders: 

N°2239-9-LP14 Framework Convention Training and Training Services. 

Nº 1395-95-LE97, years 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 for the Coquimbo Health Service and designated hospitals of low, medium and high complexity: Hospital de los Vilos, Hospital de Combarbalá , Hospital de Salamanca, Hospital de Ovalle, Hospital de la Serena, Hospital de Illapel.  

We conducted Psycho-Labor Interviews and Assessments for different hierarchical positions across various industries:  

  • Mining: ORICA MINING SERVICE Position: Technical Consultant; BARRICK Position: Risk and Exploration Prevention Supervisor, and Health and Safety SupervisorPELAMBRES Position: Heavy Machinery Operator. 
  • Retail: MALL PLAZA LA SERENA Positions: chief store, security guards, vendors, food handlers, etc. 
  • Banking: SANTANDER, CHILE, BCI, ESTADO Managers, business executives, area managers, private vigilant. 
  • Health: HOSPITALS, Director, Coordinators, Area Managers, Nurses, ambulance driver, paramedical technicians. 
  • Education: SEREMIA;high schools and middle schools directors, education assistants, psychologists, and social workers 
  • Other companies: Telecommunications, developer, etc. 

Value Proposition 

We perform psychological evaluations of candidates for job positions, to identify job competencies in intellectual, social, and work areas, assuring they effectively meet our clients’ job profiles.