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Company: Revolution
Mining Software
Founder and President,

Lorrie Fava,

Company: Revolution Mining Software, Founder and President, Lorrie
Fava, Ph.D.

Revolution’s flagship product is SOT, the Schedule Optimization
Tool. SOT maximizes the net present value (NPV) of an underground mine by
optimizing the life-of-mine schedule. The recently released SOT3.1 provides
greater efficiency, and flexibility in specifying constraints and financials. From a
gantt-chart schedule, SOT generates in minutes several alternative high NPV
schedules meeting all specified constraints; in hours SOT maximizes the NPV of
the long-term schedule. SOT is integrated with the mine planning suites of
Datamine, Deswik, and Maptek. Our Attain product enables a mining operation
to attain the value identified by SOT. Optimized short-term schedules account for
unplanned events while repeatedly re-aligning with the long-term
plan. SOT unlocks the value, and Attain captures it!