Raquel Molina Assis

Company: Futuriste Drones
Co-founder and CEO

RaquelMolina Assis 

Futuriste Drones, Co-founder and CEO, RaquelMolina Assis

 Futuriste provides a 360 degree solution joining drones and software to deliver accurate and comprehensive data in an impressive short time. We are reference in the national market, one of the most awarded in the sector, as an example being “The Best Drone Training and Research Institution from Brazil” and Raquel Molina, our CEO was elected “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the biggest Latin America Drone Event, one of “The most innovative people in Brazil”, by Veja,  Brazil’s largest business and politics magazine and Awarded as Women to Watch Global Awards, by the American institution Women and Drones. In more than 6 years, we have a portfolio with the biggest Brazilian companies and some multinationals as customers like BASF, CTG, USIMINAS, SAINT-GOBAIN, ODEBRECHT, QUALCOMM, PFIZER, EDP, as well as partnership with large companies such as T-Systems and PWC. 

For mining applications, we can generate different products to support services, as: 

  • Orthomosaic maps 
  • 3D point cloud 
  • Digital terrain model (DTM) 
  • Digital surface model (DSM) 
  • Digital elevation model (DEM) 
  • 3D textured mesh 
  • Contour lines. 

With these products it is possible to do Stockpile management, Mine monitoring, Haul roads length, slope and turning angles, Survey of water and sediment flow, Assessment before and after drilling or blasting, Hazard identification and mitigation, Tailings dams monitoring and Mapping products generated.  

Compared to traditional GNSS surveys, drones are more accurate, faster and cheaper: we can provide 350x more data points in survey resolution, in up to 30x faster data collection. Mining companies can bring more competitiveness and efficiency for services, being supported by the experienced and specialist Futuriste´s team, with Civil Engineers, Surveyor Engineers and Topographers. Due to Futuriste’s drone training centers we have access to specialized manpower all around the country, making it easier to demand services wherever it’s needed, and using the best aircraft solutions available in the market.