Rio Tinto brings women’s mining talent from Chile to Canada through the Artemisa Sponsorship Program

TORONTO – September 12, 2023 – Rio Tinto is finding new ways to shore up its supply of mining-engineering talent and increase women’s participation in its Canadian workforce. It has joined the Artemisa Sponsorship Program to find qualified women in Chile’s mining sector and bring them to Canada, where they can use their mining engineering education, gain practical experience and ultimately, find full-time, permanent employment.

Artemisa Sponsorship Program is designed by Heather Gamble, CEO of the Artemis Project, a Canada-based, international collective of 90 women-owned businesses in the mining supply chain, and the co-founder Laura Mottola. Just two years ago, through connections to the Network of Mining Engineers (RIM) Chile, Mottola found more than 70 young women who were qualified candidates for professional mining-engineering jobs could not find employment in the sector there. Almost half that number have expressed interest in pursuing careers in Canada or with mining companies that operate here.

“Artemisa is a game-changer for these women and Canada’s mining employers,” says Gamble. “With Rio Tinto’s leadership as a Legacy Partner in the program, interest will certainly grow. Canada’s mining industry will have a new pipeline of professional talent and expertise, and more women mining-engineering graduates will have chances to launch their careers here.”

It’s talent recruitment, development, and retention strategies rolled into an innovative program,” says Sophie Bergeron, Managing Director of Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium & Diamonds. “Through the Artemisa Sponsorship Program, we can find more mining engineers with the training and talent our operations need, now and in the future. This initiative will be a great addition to our existing efforts in partnership with Canada’s educational institutions, Women in Mining Canada, and other organizations to find better ways to promote gender diversity in the mining sector.”

Helen Krissilas of the Krissilas Group, Catherine Jodar of Language Advantage and Anesh Daya of On the Spot Language are the companies delivering the program and guiding the Chileans on a “readiness” program for six weeks before applying for a position at a Rio Tinto site, based on the operational needs. The participants already have the technical skills and knowledge of mining engineering. This six-week intensive will help them improve their Canadian English, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership skills.

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