Shelby Yee

Company: RockMass Technologies
Founder and President

Shelby Yee


RockMass Technologies, Founder and President, Shelby Yee

Fast, Accurate, and Intuitive geotechnical data collection for underground mines. Collect, View, and Manage data within seconds.

RockMass is digging a niche for itself in mining and tunnels.

RockMass technology is developing an NVIDIA AI-powered mapping platform that can help engineers assess tunnel stability in mines and construction.Today, geologists and engineers visually assess the risks of rock formations by standing five meters away from the rock as a safety precaution. That isn’t ideal for ensuring accurate results, said Shelby Yee, CEO and co-founder of RockMass.

“What they are doing right now takes about 90 minutes, and our technology can do it in about five minutes,” said Yee.

RockMass is using engineers in the field test out its hand-held unit, the Mapper.

It’s aimed at those in mining, geological exploration and civil engineering. The startup is developing the AI platform for robots, drones and handheld devices used to capture geological data. The Mapper AI device now offers a safer way to keep engineers further away from a possible tunnel collapse as well as offers a faster system for gathering and processing data. Robots and drones using its platform could go into even more hazardous areas.