Sinmi Adeoye01

Company: Daniola Corporation
Founder and CEO

Sinmi Adeoye-Esene 

Daniola Corporation, Founder and CEO, Sinmi Adeoye-Esene 

Sinmi is a Nigerian-Canadian Entrepreneur, CEO & founder of Daniola Corporation a technology company that uses AI and Blockchain to help small scale and artisanal miners in emerging economies collect valuable customer insights. Her entrepreneurship journey started over a decade ago when she worked as a Billings consultant of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, a merger between the Nigerian National Oil Corporation and The Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel where she got exposure and worked with contracts and vendors who contributed their quota to the Nigerian economy. She moved to Canada for her post graduate studies in business, where she harnessed a long term audacious project to create innovation, impact and service through entrepreneurship. With Canada being recognized as an innovative leader globally, she worked and positioned herself to make meaningful strides in her community and discovered an opportunity after learning about the impact of data and emerging technology. She believes in the growing minerals and mining industry as a major driver of economic development. She has a growing team and is committed to championing African Canadian relationships and integration in ways that positively impact communities and people. She is an advocate for Women in Tech and women in business.