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Company: Me Too Mining Association

Susan Lomas

Me Too Mining Association, Founder, Susan Lomas

Susan Lomas is a Professional Geologist who has 34 years in mining and mineral exploration.  She is President of Lions Gate Geological Consulting Inc. (LGGC) and specializes in 3D geological modelling and resource estimation. 

In 2018, she founded Me Too Mining Association (MTMA) to start a conversation about sexualized violence, sexual harassment, racism, bullying, intimidation and discrimination in mining, mineral exploration and mining impacted communities. Susan was included in the 2018 list 100 Inspirational Women in Mining by Women in Mining (UK). 

MTMA stands in solidarity with targets of sexual violence and sexual harassment.  To promote prevention, our focus is changing the mining workplace culture to be safe, inclusive, and respectful through bystander intervention strategies and promoting workplace allyship.  MTMA has built the DIGGER Program for workers to intervene safely when inappropriate workplace behaviours happen to them or in their presence.  DIGGER stands for Direct actions, Indirect actions, Get a co-worker, Get an authority, Engage with the target, Record and Report.