Taciana Isoni

Company: ACERE Consultoria Educacional
Founder and CEO

Taciana Isoni

ACERE Consultoria Educacional, Founder and CEO, Taciana Isoni

Human Resources professional with over 15 years of solid generalist experience in structuring, organizing and developing the areas of Personnel, People Development, Labor Relations, Compensation, Recruitment, Trainning, Benefits in general, Social Welfare, Expatriation, and Interchange Researches.​​

Full understanding of Latin America culture and experienced in labour union contract negotiation. Fully engaged in the mining corporate business, working to effectively integrate and address all opportunities and challenges within the context of company and business drivers and issues.

Consultant with 8 years of experience in Learning Designer,  content development for corporate training and development online programs, executive process mentoring and program management for Senior Executives.