Company: Terra The Writer 

Terra Lariviere

Terra The Writer, Terra Lariviere, Writer

Your mining or STEM-related business―your product, project or service―can only grow if people know about it and understand it. Getting the right message, one that says what you want in a way that people can really hear it, is both a skill and an art. 

It’s what I do. For over 20 years, the many mining, energy and tech companies I’ve worked with have said I have a special talent for taking complex, technical information and explaining it in a way that anyone can understand.  

I’m a communicator. I bring words, images and ideas together for the best and biggest impact. The result is communication synergy—a total message, report or product that’s greater than the sum of its parts.  

I’m an experienced researcher and interviewer. I have a degree in psychology and a masters in project management. I edit your project documentation, reports, company communications and client presentations for Canadian English grammar, spelling, punctuation and style integrity. I make sure they’re complete, comprehensible and consistent with the highest standards in your industry. 

I’m a writer with creative flair. I make communications engaging and informative. I’ve provided written copy and developed stylings for websites; written, edited and produced magazines, articles and white papers; developed scripts for videos and ceremonies; produced newsletters, research papers and reports. My biographies and speeches have introduced cabinet ministers, former prime ministers, premiers and ambassadors, and some of our best-known thinkers, business leaders and celebrities.