Company: ICE Dragon
Founder and CEO

Zoe Coull

ICE Dragon, Founder and CEO, Zoe Coull, PEng, MSc., PhD

ICE Dragon Corrosion specializes in corrosion risk management strategies and the development of Corrosion Control Plans (CCPs). We are taking on the opportunity with our clients to motivate them to adopt corrosion best practices and technology, already prevalent in sectors like oil and gas, military and automotive.

Our focus and experience within corrosion provides our clients with specific knowledge and expertise that benefit their operations. We are on-site with hands- on assessments that diagnose enterprise risk and develop asset degradation control solutions. Although we have focus in the mining sector, ICE Dragon also serves energy, infrastructure and public sector organizations.

Our goal is to design and implement corrosion control planning for sustainable organizational impacts that reduce costs, maintains competitive advantage and drives return on investment. ICE Dragon’s framework provides for on-going management and control of the right KPIs, facilitating leadership and operations the visibility needed to manage corrosion and its impacts.