Ana Beatriz Ulhoa Cobalchini

Company: Cobalchini Soluções Técnicas
Founder and CEO

Ana Beatriz Ulhoa Cobalchini

Cobalchini Soluções Técnicas, Founder and CEO, Ana Beatriz Ulhoa Cobalchini, Eng. 

On mining, the evaluation of risks and environmental impacts is most important and reduce legal problems on various countries.  Then, the environmental services  increases competitivity of the mining business and makes them sustainableChanges are essential to win more customers and expand, and that is the goal of Cobalchini Soluções Técnicas. We have highly qualified technical staff to get the needs of your business. 

The products and services provides for the company: 

– Environmental management and projects; 

– Environmental disaster assessment; 

– Environmental management; 

– Adaptation of the spaces and process and increment for sustainability; 

– Waste management systems; 

– Training and qualification programs in environment and work safety; 

– Other services.