Ana Carolina Peuker

Company: Bee Touch

Ana Carolina Peuker

Bee Touch, CEO Ana Carolina Peuker, Psychologist, PhD 

Psychologist. CEO of Bee Touch, a mental health startup. Founder of AVAX Psi, a pioneer psychological assessment platform. Bee Touch uses Data Science and Machine Learning within large companies to track psychosocial risks, predict and prevent mental health problems. 

In industry, physical, ergonomic, chemical and biological – “visible” risk management is common. However, psychosocial risks, sometimes “invisible”, must also be mitigated. Psychosocial stressors are common in workplaces and take numerous forms. – Exposure to psychosocial stressors, when sustained, is linked to psychiatric/psychological disorders, illness and/or physical injury. Good psychosocial risk management is good for business. 

When psychosocial risks are not identified and managed it has a negative impact on organisational functioning: reduces worker productivity, leads to increased absenteeism, lowers morale, increases mistakes being made and accidents happening, damages the 

companie’s reputation, leads to increased employee turnover and difficulty 

recruiting employees, reduces customer service and/or product quality.  

Specific groups have greater vulnerability to psychosocial risks. For example, women are disproportionately affected by workplace harassment and violence, as too are those in non-standard forms of employment, night workers and minority groups. Bee Touch has a digital assessment and tracking methodology for these psychosocial risks. 

Ana Carolina Peuker is specialist in Clinical Psychology, she completed Master’s, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate at the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior (LPNeC), at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS, Brazil). Post-Doctorate at the Advanced Studies Group in Health Psychology – GEAPSA (UNISINOS, Brazil).  

Former Lecturer at Institute of Psychology (UFRGS). 

She worked as a researcher and professor at the Center for Research on Alcohol and Drugs (CPAD), of the Department of Psychiatry (UFRGS) and the Clínicas Hospital – Porto Alegre (RS). Member of the Psychological Assessment Committee of the Psychology Council of RS. She is a member of the COVID-19 Task Force of Brazilian Psychological Society.