Anna Mkrtchyan

Company: Innovative Strategy Resources
Co-Founder and Fractional CFO

Anna Mkrtchyan


Innovative Strategy Resources, Co-Founder and Fractional CFO, Anna Mkrtchyan, M.Eng, MBA

Anna is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several startups in technology and professional services sectors.

Anna is a founder and CEO of Innovative Strategy Resources, business management and strategy consultancy helping to create value and confidence-based decision-making framework to small to medium size companies and a fractional CFO to several technology startups.

She is also a co-founder and CFO of Thrive Insights, software and technology company on the mission of providing cloud-based forecasting tools to help business owners gain insights into their current and future financials so that they can validate strategies, identify vulnerabilities and make informed decisions.Before moving to entrepreneurship in the beginning of 2019, Anna held various senior executive roles in the mining sector’s top tier global companies. She worked in the Nickel division of Xstrata and Glencore for almost 10 years and then moved to Barrick Gold where she managed digital transformation projects and for the last two years was a CFO of Innovation group- Venture Arm of Barrick.

Anna possesses fifteen years of financial and strategy planning, modeling and reporting, three years of digital and innovation experience with world’s largest gold mining company. 

As Head of Finance of Barrick’s Innovation group, she has developed a portfolio-based strategy for early stage innovations projects, business cases’ evaluation criteria to effectively manage the large pipeline of projects from ideation to project execution.

Work best in complex, challenging and ambiguous settings.

Anna is deeply passionate about dramatically raising awareness of UN SDGs in mining industry and move the industry toward more responsible mining practices. Collectively we all have a role to play so the mining industry plays the rightful role in green economy, circularity, smart mining and supplies all the critical metals responsibly. And in doing so we as an industry create a positive impact for future generations- do not destroy the planet even more. 

She holds Master of Industrial Engineering from American University of Armenia, UCLA Affiliate, Executive Masters of Business Management and Administration from Richard Ivey School of Business, Western University of Ontario.