Claudia Monreal

Company: Core Mining Studies
Founder and CEO

Claudia Monreal

Core Mining Studies, Founder and CEO Claudia Monreal, Civil Engineer, Master in Administration and Geostatistics

Core Mining Studies is company of Australian capital with 4 years in Chile and is changing the way to do consultancy in the mining geological sector. Our difference is reflected in the quality of a multidisciplinary team and comprehensive care that we give to each project.

The team is our main asset, and we are a group of experts with national and international qualification, which are included three senior consultants with over 20 years of experience in different sectors of the industry.

Comprehensive care is our strategy to provide solutions tailored to the requirements of each client. This condition makes innovation a permanent quality in our scheme of work, which leads us to improve and provide optimal solutions to the world of mining.

Core Mining Studies founder, Claudia, is one of the top 100 inspirational Women in Mining 2018. She founded Women in Mining Chile, an NGO that brings together more than 4000 women from Mining, across Chile.They play a vital role in recognizing the achievements of women in mining and continue working to eliminate barriers for women in mining. They influence public policy and inclusivity guidelines in the mining sector in Chile as well as play an instrumental role for women in mining across Latin America.