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Company: Trix Translations
Founder and CEO

Nora Fiorini

Trix Translations, Founder and CEO, Nora Fiorini, 

Orgin Country:   Argentina Translator English – Spanish- Specialist in Mining – Energy – Environment – Social Responsibility enabling your accurate and clear communications with operations, stakeholders and communities in Spanish speaking countries for the Mining, Oil and Gas Industries – Specialist in Mining, environment, social responsibility & educationTrix builds on the expertise and leadership of Nora Fiorini: a reliable licensed translator with satisfied customers in U.K., USA, Peru, Chile, Australia and Argentina providing professional services to businesses since 1992. 

 With Trix you deal directly with your translator (no intermediaries) and you get the clear benefit of working with licensed Translators (M.A in translation – law-oriented) with wide experience in industrial areas. 

 Our customers in the resource industry get a clear benefit; Nora attended several courses in the School of Geology (UBA Argentina) acquiring a deep understanding of the industry. 

Areas of expertise: 

• Environment (ESIA, environmental audits, permitting, litigation 

• Social responsibility and Education (Translator of the IFC’s World Bank book Unlocking Opportunities for Women and Business for Oil, Gas and Mining companies). 

• Mining (exploration, feasibility studies, geomodelling, mine planning software, HES – Safety, FMS, ventilation systems, ore processing etc.)