Precious Metals


The OCIM Group of privately held companies was established in Paris in 1961 with a core historical business in the real estate assets sector. Now diversified into the Precious Metals sector via its Geneva-based subsidiary, OCIM Precious Metals (« OPM »), the Groups focus is now as a global Precious Metals Merchant and Financier centered on coinage metals gold and silver.

As a merchant OPM trades metals across the value chain:

  • Buying from producers, refiners, and wholesalers and on the financial markets. Selling to end users, private and institutional investors, and on the financial markets.

As a Financier, OPM invests through a variety of financing instruments across the value chain, providing:

  • Working Capital Facilities, Gold and Silver Loans, Pre-payments, Convertible Debt, Equity Capital.


Operating under the guiding philosophy of providing win-win solutions to all parties, OPM strives always to be flexible and creative to optimize financings on a customized basis, while also providing swift execution and funding once a term sheet is signed.

Excellence in purchasing gold and silver is at the core of the value creation of OPM’s business model. OPM has derived specific strategies, including short-term prepayments to producers, which allows both parties to benefit from a transaction: producers may obtain fast, straightforward and non-dilutive funding for working capital purposes and OPM is able to purchase metals at a financing discount from the market price.




Years in business: Two
Head Office: Geneva, Switzerland
Select clients: Inca One Gold Corp.; Guanajuato Silver Company Ltd.
Select current projects: Gold production in Brazil, Australia, USA, Indonesia and Africa.
Corporate Development Director: Miranda Werstiuk

  • Finance and investment banking professional who has been serving the mining and commodities sector for over 25 years.
  • Passion for and commitment to creating and supporting a sustainable and diverse industry focused on transparency and communication with all stakeholders.


Offering mining companies: near-term producers and & producers fast and non-dilutive access to funding for working capital or growth capital purposes through short-term pre-payment facilities.


Creative, flexible, and efficient deployment of non-dilutive capital to meet mining companies, short-term working capital requirements. Gold loans and pre-payments are “tailor-made” to each Borrower‘s specific needs. Facilities are to be repaid in LBMA Good Delivery Gold, Silver and Platinum. Optionality for revolving facilities to support ongoing collaboration.

Funds can be used for: General working capital purposes; Resource & Reserve Development; Ongoing project exploration costs; PP&E assets upgrade or purchase and Strategic mining asset acquisition.

Potential Opportunities with Sponsor Companies

OPM’s business model allows for a mutually beneficial proposition to all parties. By allowing mining companies to access capital in an effective and timely manner, with an objective to build long-term business relationships and partnerships. OPM is looking to work superior-caliber management teams and companies with high-quality assets globally.