Company: Soluciones y Servicios Integrales SpA 

Consulting, Coaching and Leadership Manager 

Pamela Carvajal Almeida 

SSI SpA, Pamela Carvajal Almeida, Head of Consulting, Coaching, and Leadership area. 

We are a company that provides Consulting, Coaching, and Leadership services. Our mission is to enhance leadership in people and organizations and contribute to an ecosystem of companies with an inspirational, authentic, and human purpose. 

We want to achieve that people and companies reach a deep level of maturity in their leadership, so they can be prepared to face this uncertain, vulnerable, changing, and ambiguous world. 

We strongly believe that promoting conscious leadership in people contributes to better results in business. 

We invite you to challenge yourself as a person and as an organization to get out of your comfort zone and reach surprising results. 

We use innovative methodologies to make transformation processes that are effective, sustainable, and profound.