Purple Compass helps organizations navigate complexity and uncertainty, anticipate future changes, and identify opportunities for innovative business solutions.

Our focus is climate change, risk management and sustainability. We provide climate-related risk management and strategic services for physical infrastructure. We integrate conventional risk management processes with holistic approaches to understand the systemic risk landscape, and proactively work with areas of uncertainty. Our work supports organizational activities as part of the Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).


As part of our strategic priority to climate resilience, our services to support infrastructure resilience includes:

1. Governance: a review of climate-related risk management policies and processes.

2. Risk Management: assess the exposure of climate-related risks, physical fixed asset vulnerability assessment, value chain exposure and risk characterization to inform opportunities for mitigation, risk reduction and build resilience (basic (predictive) scenario analysis).

3. Forward-Looking Adaptive Strategy: horizon scan, emerging issues analysis and potential disruption to inform plausible future states, potential business implications and opportunities for robust strategic investments (plausible (exploratory) scenario analysis).

4. Risk Report: national – local lens, climate risk profile, water and energy sector impact, community and reputational risk, biodiversity and policy/legal considerations, the transitional risk to low carbon economy, mitigation and adaptive strategy.




Founder/ CEO: Donna Dupont

Over 20 years of experience working with leaders in healthcare, emergency management and military.

Bachelor of Health Administration, Master of Design in Strategic Foresight & Innovation:

  • Multi-award-winning  futurist and strategist
  • Foresight and design expert of military leadership programs
  • Former Provincial health and emergency management advisor, expertise in risk, public policy, program design, strategic planning


  • Foresight and design leadership workshops
  • Environmental security and sustainability
  • Risk governance and management
  • Strategic foresight and adaptive strategy
  • Human-centred design and innovation


1. We provide customized services to meet each of our client’s unique needs.

2. We have cross-industry expertise and partnerships in climate change, crisis management, risk reduction, nature-based solutions, security and conflict.

3. We are committed to supporting our clients to enhance socio-environmental sustainability, and achieve a future-fit business model.

Potential Opportunities with Sponsor Companies

  • Futures Intelligence Lab – leadership workshops
  • • Crisis management policy/process review, after-action reports informing risk management
  • • Business continuity planning
  • • Nature-based solutions for risk reduction
  • • Cybersecurity risk mitigation
  • • Inclusive engagements, social protection policies to mitigate risks, support equality and positive social impact