Since 2000, we have provided human resources services, mainly in the search and selection of talents in people who apply for jobs, using modern and professional methodologies, rigorous and specialized in order to detect job skills in the people who respond. to the requirements of our clients’ jobs and increase their productivity, both in public and private organizations. As a result of this experience, in 2008 the Civil Service certifies the quality of Specialized Consultant, for the preparation and execution of the competitions established in Laws numbers 18,834 and 19,882. In Chile, we work with the Public Procurement and Contracting Directorate (DCCP), registered in the state supplier registry. We are awarded public tenders No. 2239-9-LP14 Framework Agreement for Training and Education Services and No. 1395-95-LE97, for the Coquimbo Health Service. We carry out Interviews and Psycho-Labor Evaluations for different areas such as Mining, Retail, Banks, Health, Education, Public Institutions, Telecommunications Companies, Real Estate and Construction Companies.


Evaluate people who apply for jobs, to detect job competencies in Intellectual, Socio-emotional and labor areas that effectively respond to the job profiles of our clients and thus obtain benefits such as: Reduce the search times for suitable people for the position. Don’t waste time with unnecessary candidates who don’t meet the requirements and skills for the job. Choose qualified people according to their areas of action to contribute to the success of the organization.




Years in business: 20 Main office: Coquimbo, Chile Clients: Mining, Banking, Real Estate, Government of Chile, Health Services, Companies.
• 20 years of experience in occupational psychological evaluation of candidates for various job positions.
• Approx. 20,000 interviews and psycho-occupational evaluations.
• Professional labor psychologists certified in the evaluation of labor competencies, postgraduate studies and a master’s degree in human resources.
• Modern software and online test.


Review and background check of applicants, Curriculum Vitae
– Identification of cognitive, emotional, social and work skills according to the job profile.
– Reports of psycho-labor results.
– Assessment of competence gaps.
– Preparation of job descriptors, profiles and induction to jobs.
– Training in socio-emotional and work skills.
– Personal and social development workshops


Seek the highest quality and job performance of the people for the job. Detection and professional support of the selection of talents and skills in applicants, by specialized psychologists in interviews and job evaluations of candidates. Favor hiring the right person for the position and not the wrong one, reducing the risk of error in hiring. Minimize to the maximum the risks that the job is carried out by unsuitable people. Distinguish unsuitable personality traits in applicants that may affect performance in the position and in the company. Increase productivity by being more competitive, by choosing suitable applicants.

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Advice on specific human resources issues